In the interest of recognizing members of the community who are outstanding humanitarians we are setting out a set of guidelines for eligibility. 

Who: Any member of the Holliston community (lives or works, or focuses their humanitarian efforts in Holliston) who shows an interest in the health and well-being of other members of their community.  The current plan is to provide  two awards annually.

The candidates shall:

  • Not be members of a Lions Club
  • Not be a current paid employee of the Town of Holliston
  • Not be a previous winner of this award

Defining Humanitarian Efforts

Humanitarian efforts come in all shapes and sizes. A humanitarian does not necesarily focus their efforts on one aspect of the community, but instead, addresses needs in whatever form they find including but not limited to:

  • Cares for or addresses needs of friends, neighbors, and family members when there is a need:
    • Someone who shows kindness for someone: such as a caregiver
    • Someone who demonstrates consideration towards others
    • Someone who gives rides to the elderly, or those who need a ride – 
    • Someone who assists the elderly or disabled
  • Helps pay for and/or donates items and/or meals or shelter for those in need (e.g. homeless shelter, veterans needs, etc.)
  • Visits those confined to hospitals or nursing homes
  • Donates funds, goods, or services to other local organizations which reach out to the community
  • Provides food, clothing, or other services and supplies to families who are facing unprecedented issues, such as fires, family illnesses, etc.
  • Participates in providing needs of local food pantry
  • Donates items or services to local animal shelters
  • Works when available to assist local organizations with fundraising events, service projects, etc.

Nominations Process

Any member of the Lions Club who wishes to submit a nominee shall provide name(s) along with a narrative explaining why this person is a good candidate for the Humanitarian Award. Nominations shall open on July 1 annually and be open until November 1.  Lions may submit more than one candidate.

Award Recipients

2022 – 2023 Robert “Bobby” Blair Kevin and Joanne O’Connell
2023 – 2024 Chris Leoncini and Neil Svendsen