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Melvin Jones Fellowship Award

Lions Clubs have various forms of recognition that may be awarded to members of their Club. One of the highest forms of recognition is the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award. This award is selected by the club and a donation is made in that members name to Lions Clubs International Foundation in order to continue the humanitarian work of Lions. The following members of the Holliston Lions Club have received a Melvin Jones Fellowship Award.

Kenneth H. Rooney* 1987
Herbert E. Brockert* 1994
Daniel A. Miley* 1994
George J. Pacitti* 1995
Walter D. Todd* 1995
John J Paltrineri 1996
Henry T Tamagno 1996
Weston W Eames* 1997
Thomas W Merritt 1997
Kenneth E Lake* 1999
Roger M Rogers 2000
Alan Markovsky* 2001
Doreen Martel 2001
Michael Tyman 2001
Patricia Woodworth 2002
Douglas W Bloomquist* 2003
William S Drowne 2003
Dennis W Murphy 2005
Kevin L O’Brien* 2007
Linda Ahronian 2008
Mark Ahronian 2008
Walter A Rossini* 2008
John D Shannahan 2009
Peter R Barbieri 2010
Louise J Kirkpatrick 2010
Donna Marie Merrick 2011
Richard L Goguen 2012
Gordon T Maxfield 2012
Andrew M Porter 2012
Steven R Hedrick 2014
James A Holland 2015
Steven M Apesos 2016
Betty J Harris 2016
Matthew J Putvinski 2017
Christopher N Gaboriault 2018
Ged Gove 2020
James D Foster 2021
Tammy A Kline 2022
Kevin J McAteer 2022

  • indicates member is deceased

Progressive Melvin Jones Awards

2005 Lion John Paltrineri
2006 Past District Governor Doreen Martel
2007 Past District Governor Henry Tamagno
2009 Lion Thomas W. Merritt
2014 Lion Michael Tyman
2016 Lion Roger Rogers
2019 Lion Mark Ahronian
2020 Lion Thomas W. Merritt
2020 Lion Louise Kirkpatrick
2021 Past District Governor Doreen Martel

* Deceased

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